Blueberry Feta Nut Salad

IMG_0534Do you like fruit in your salad? If the answer is no, when was the last time you tried it? Maybe it is time to try again!

A lot of salads that I make only happen once, as they are just a snap shot of what is in my fridge at any one time. Sometimes a combination is so good, I write it down and eat it again. You can never have too many salad recipes up your sleeve! I like to make sure there are many different colours in my salad. My fridge is my paint palette and I am painting a picture in my salad bowl. Clean Eating does not have to be dull!


Serves 1
  • rocket and watercress
  • 100g blueberries
  • 30g feta
  • 10g cashew nuts finely chopped
  • drizzle of vinegar
  • squeeze of lemon

IMG_0536How to Make

Choose a large bowl or a plate. I have not listed a quantity for the salad leaves as I eat a staggering large amount of leaves. You may wish to have less. Dark green leaves are so incredibly good for you that there should be no limit on amount that you should eat.

You may have noticed there is no dressing with this healthy salad, other than a splash of vinegar. My rule of thumb is, if there is a high fat content in the actual salad ingredients, I tend not to add oil. I believe the feta and the cashew nuts provide enough fat and adding extra oil is surplus to requirements.

However if you fancy a wee dash…go on!

Nutritional Information

Calories : 228
Total Fat : 12g
Saturated Fat : 5.5g
Total Carbs : 17.2g
Protein : 13.8g