Clean Eating Versus Wellbeing

There is no such thing as good food and bad food. There is food that is more nutritious and food that is less nutritious. When you make food binary, it attaches a value to food.

When I first started Eat Right Feel Amazing 6 years ago, the term “clean eating” was all the rage and I have to say I totally bought into it. I deemed white carbs to be evil and something to be avoided. Food that didn’t meet my list of good criteria was on the dirty list.

When you demonise food, it becomes something that you crave and fantasise about. Food that is high in carbs, salt, fat and sugar becomes the be all and end all…and something you shouldn’t touch.

When you consume the “dirty food” feelings of guilt and regret can take over. You can either spiral downwards by eating more of this “less nutritious” food or you punish yourself by following an overly strict regime with nothing but detox juice and kale & quinoa salad. Which as you can imagine…will only lead to misery.

“Wellbeing” seems to be the new buzz word. Looking after the whole you. Following a diet rich in nutrients, taking exercise, looking after your mind, body and soul and allowing yourself treats throughout the week.

Whenever I hear friends say, “I’m being good” or “I had a roll and crisps for my lunch, I’m just gonna be bad till Monday.” I just want to give them a cuddle and say…. let’s have a chat about this.

Be kind to yourself. Eat well with a little bit of what you fancy!

This is me in my work room.

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