I Love Cycling

20161105_160256000_iOS 20161105_154453000_iOS“Do you need a hand to get your bike on the train?” Says Dougie.


Cycling through a nature programme
Cycling through a nature programme.

“It’s cool, I’m used to double buggies, scooters and two wild boys, I think I’ll manage!” CRASH! Over the bike, on to the train all twisted, unable to stand up  and doubled over laughing! It’s the embarrassment that is the worst thing, everyone staring and not knowing what to do! I think I may have over packed my saddle bags.

On Friday we got a train to Partick and cycled to Balloch, then Aberfoyle. We were very lucky with the weather, the skies were blue and the leaves were every colour known to man! It was like cycling through a nature programme.

The first 30 miles were pretty easy, smooth roads and fairly flat. After Drymen it became a little more challenging! HILLS! By far the hardest cycling I have ever done. They didn’t always LOOK like hills, but they were as I was on my lowest gear panting like a dog.

Then it got dark.

We didn’t plan to cycle on country roads in the dark. We slightly underestimated how long the cycle would take us! I had my lights, “it’s going to be ok” I kept telling myself. Alas, my light did not charge properly and I had a very dim flashing light and I couldn’t see a thing. National speed limit country road with a dim bike light that I had to keep switching back on. It was HORRIBLE. I was properly scared!

My good friend Deirdre told me that if you find an exercise or job that you love, you will never exercise or work another day. I think the problem I had at school was that all sports involved balls, competition and other people!

The reason I love cycling is that I only have myself to think about. I get to be alone with myself and organise my thoughts. I make the best plans when I am on my bike. One of the best things about a full day of cycling is all the extra calories you get to eat! You can enjoy a nice dinner and a glass of wine and know that you have earned it.

On Saturday night we went to Balloch Country House Hotel where there was an open mike folk night and log fires. It was was the perfect end to the day. I got chatting to two women called Liz and June, and as usual I started talking about Eat Right Feel Amazing!

“Were you in the Evening Times a few months ago?” “Yes I was!”

How amazing…. that made my day!