Kate Henry

About Kate HenryMy name is Kate and I’m the creative driving force behind Eat Right Feel Amazing. I am incredibly passionate about healthy eating and have had a long love affair with food. Eat Right Feel Amazing was born to provide an outlet for all my creative food thoughts and as a way to share my healthy recipes and to inspire people with my food passions.

I started my first diet aged 17. My aim was to keep my midweek calories as low as possible so I could go out at the weekend. The binge and starve cycle was born and I was destined for the next 10 years to be big, then small and constantly starving!

But when I understood that it wasn’t just about calories, but also about nutritional balance, my weight naturally began to drop even though I was eating freely.
Fast forward four years from the birth of Eat Right Feel Amazing, I now offer Kitchen Bootcamps and Nutrition Advice to help people achieve what they have always wanted. Check out my testimonials.