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Eat Veggie Feel Amazing: The 4 Week Plan

Introducing the first of our Four Week Plans… the “Eat Veggie, Feel Amazing” Plan. Only £28
Make a change
This four week plan is for both vegetarians and meat-eaters who would like to reset their eating and give their body a spring clean. It’s for people who love good food and are looking for inspiration and new ideas. It’s for people who need help in organising their shopping and cooking.

This isn’t a cleanse plan or diet with a shelf life. It’s building a mindset that promotes healthy eating habits for the rest of your life.

In the quest for a healthy life, “perfectionism” can sometimes get in the way of good intentions.

Vegetarians already know the benefits of eating a plant based diet. If you are a meat eater and looking to make a change towards this lifestyle, but not ready to give up meat then a “Flexitarian” or “part-time vegetarian” could be for you.

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Included in Eat Veggie Feel Amazing – 4 Week Plan:

  • Nutritional guide
  • Information on food labelling
  • How to avoid food wastage
  • Tips on how best to freeze food
  • 65 recipes
  • Extensive snack lists
  • Different nutritious breakfasts
  • My salad rules
  • My smoothie rules
  • Flexible weekend eating plan
  • 4 weekly shopping lists and guide
  • 4 weekly meal plans
  • Tips on how to organise your cooking
  • Information on batch cooking
  • Coping strategies for eating out
  • How to deal with lapses, relapses and a collapse
  • Email support Monday-Friday. Ask me any questions and I will personally reply within 12 hours.
  • Join my Facebook support group where you can share ideas and ask questions to me and others on the plan.

>> Click here to find out more about the Eat Veggie Feel Amazing 4 Week Plan…

Eat Veggie Feel Amazing: eBooks

Each book will provide you with daily inspiration for exciting and tasty meals!

Each recipe in each eBook has been tried and tested many times. I believe that each recipe deserves its place in there. A lot of time and effort has been made to ensure each meal is not only well balanced nutritionally, but also tastes great.

Now here’s the boring bit. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating these recipes and putting them together in the lovely eBooks that you’re about to buy. This is my passion and my job and the only money I receive for all this hard work is through nice people like you buying my eBooks! Here’s my request. Please don’t distribute or upload the eBooks for people to access. I’m happy for you to share it with your best friend or your Mum or Dad but don’t email to all your friends!!! That’s the end of the boring bit please continue enjoying Eat Right Feel Amazing!

Important note to buyers! After completing the purchase on PayPal, be sure to click the link to return to our website, as this is where you will download your delicious eBook!

Miss Tuck’s Savoury Cups

Miss Tucks Savoury Cups Miss Tuck’s Savoury Cups £2.50

After the great feedback on the Omelette Cups and the Ham and Broccoli Cups from my Breakfast eBook, I decided to design 8 more recipes that can be made quickly, kept in the fridge for a snack attack or added to your meal. Each recipe makes 12 cups using a 12 hole silicone muffin tray.

eBook Bundle Packages – Four eBooks for just £5.00


Includes the following four fabulous books:
– Breakfast
– Kids’ Favourites
– Indian Banquet
– Sweet Treats



Includes the following four fabulous books:
– Dips & Tricks
– Takeaway Favourites
– Soup
– Slow Cooker


What Clients are Saying about my eBooks & 4 Week Plans!

The Eat Veggie Feel Amazing plan has changed the way I cook most of the time as I now batch cook and freeze and I can’t believe how this has made my busy family life easy. Also because I have the base recipes pre-made I can easily adapt the meals to suit all tastes from weaning baby, fussy four year old and always hungry 8 year old. The fact that they are good for you for me doesn’t really come into it they just taste good!

I have all of Eat Right Feel Amazing eBooks and really enjoy the recipes, they are easy to follow and don’t have complicated ingredients. Some have become weekly favourites for all the family and some are just my favourite.

The printable shopping lists are a revolution and I keep spares in my bag just in case I find myself in a shop and need to know what to get.

Adele, 42 eBooks and Eat Veggie Feel Amazing – 4 Week Plan

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