Nut Butter

IMG_0077There is no trick. This is really just  nuts whizzed up. No added oil or butter, no added salt and no emulsifiers or stabilisers.

You can use any nuts or use a mix of nuts. Nut butter can be used in porridge, in Banana Chocolate Ice Cream, spread on wholegrain crackers or indeed on anything you like! A peanut butter goes exceptionally well with apple. The perfect protein + carb meal. Whereas cashew nut butter I simply like to roll into balls and keep in the fridge or freezer. For the purpose of this recipe I am using cashews. They are so sweet!

I think people are scared of peanut butter. “It’s too fattening – I can’t eat it!!” No. The truth is, as long as you don’t eat all 10 portions for breakfast there is no reason that you can’t enjoy this high protein essential fat snack.

I actually thought I had invented these, until a friend from work told me he was at a body-building workshop and was advised to eat 2 cashew balls after his workout! He has been pestering me to make him some for months now. Ben, look how easy they are!


Serves 10
  • 200g cashew nuts (really any nuts)

IMG_0883How to Make

This can be noisy so make sure any small children or animals are in a different room as they might get a bit of a fright.

Simply empty the nuts into your food processor and whizz. It will first look like chopped nuts – funnily enough! Then the nuts will start to stick together. You will have to scrape the sides down a couple of times throughout the process to make sure every last nut gets involved at the party. Once you are happy that all the nuts have formed a butter, you are done.

Measure out a 20g spoonful so you know how much one portion is. Keep it in the fridge in an air tight container. You are now the proud owner of your very own nut butter. Spread forth and enjoy!

IMG_3023[1]To make the cashew balls, just roll the mixture into…funnily enough – round balls and store in the fridge for safe keeping. This should make 20 balls. (2 per portion)

Recently I have been freezing these and I eat them straight out the freezer. These are my go to snack when I need a bit of sweetness in my life!

IMG_0886Nutritional Information

(Per 20g spoonful)

Calories : 118
Total Fat : 9.6g
Saturated Fat : 1.9g
Total Carbs : 3.3g
Protein : 4.2g