Clean Eating Versus Wellbeing

There is no such thing as good food and bad food. There is food that is more nutritious and food that is less nutritious. When you make food binary, it attaches a value to food. When I first started Eat Right Feel Amazing 6 years ago, the term “clean eating” …

Healthy Meals for UK Next Day Delivery

We all want to eat delicious, healthy food that also makes us feel good. It can be challenging to come up with new meals night after night to keep everyone happy. I am delighted to announce that I now offer UK Next Day Delivery Service.


Eat Right Feel Amazing are committed to making food that is healthy AND delicious. I dont believe they should be mutually exclusive. All of the recipes are my own or have been passed down from family and are tried and tested. Each meal has been portion controlled to fit in with government healthy guidelines. I have a passion for cooking and believe we all desrve to feel the best we can.

If you struggle to get your ‘five a day’ or eat a variety of foods throughout the week I can help you keep your heart and body healthy.

If this is you…I might be able to help you.

  • Do you want to eat healthy meals each night, but can’t find the time to prepare them?
  • Do you have different tastes from the other members of your family, but it is too time consuming to make different meals?
  • Do you order a takeaway at the weekend and are left feeling disappointed, bloated and sore?


  • Here is my NEW MENU OCTOBER
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  • Send me a list of the food you would like to order
  • Send me your name, postal address, email address and mobile number
  • State your preferred delivery day (Tuesday-Friday)

I am offering FREE UK DELIVERY for the month of October for orders over £100. If you struggle for freezer space why not do a ‘Share Box’ with a family or friends.

Once you recieve your first box, you become an AMAZING CUSTOMER and will entitled to FREE DELIVERY when you order a box until the next calender month.

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