Ali, (age 45)

Kate was welcoming, warm and engaging throughout the hour long session. She was knowledgeable and informative and had studied my food diary in advance to give me advice on how to improve my food consumption and eating habits.

Kate talks about food and nutrition with passion and offered meal and snack ideas to meet my diet deficiencies (I am buying her eBook bundle this morning – which let me add is my choice and not compulsory or given the hard sell). After lots of food and lifestyle chat we agreed 3 SMART goals for the week ahead and I left feeling motivated and excited about achieving my goals.

So… if you are considering a healthier diet and lifestyle and like me need a little advice and guidance, I would definitely recommend a consultation/ 8 week programme with Kate. It offers more than value for money with the affordable prices as it is a personalised plan to support you to “Eat Right and Feel Amazing”.

Thanks Kate… Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Ali, (age 45) Kitchen Bootcamp and Personal Nutrition Combination Plan 11th December 2017