Karen A, (age 36)

Karen A

Before I met Kate at Eat Right Feel Amazing, I had no relationship with food, did not cook and the very thought of cooking filled me with both fear and dread. I had become trapped in a cycle of grabbing quick, unhealthy snacks to replace meals and didn’t see the point in going to all the trouble and inconvenience of cooking for just me. Then I met Kate and that all changed!

She showed me that eating properly and cooking didn’t have to be complicated or a chore. She made it all sound so simple and achievable (even for a non-cooker like me) and it actually was. We discussed what I wanted to change about my eating habits and how I could work towards doing this.

We set small goals for the week ahead and I worked towards these. Experimenting with new foods, cooking simple meals, planning my meals, starting a simple exercise routine. Over the past 8 weeks I have been transformed from a non-cooking, unhealthy snack grabber to someone who can plan a week’s worth of meals and snacks, cook all of the meals from scratch and even squeeze in some exercise for good measure!
I know that the only reason I have enjoyed and stuck with this new regime is because Kate makes the whole process very enjoyable, accessible and SIMPLE. I have taken control of my eating and I now have a REAL relationship with REAL food.
Kate’s enthusiasm and passion for what she does is infectious. She has given me all of the advice, guidance and encouragement needed to become the new me. Thanks Kate.

Karen A, (age 36) Kitchen Bootcamp and Personal Nutrition Combination Plan 11th December 2017