Karen T, ( age 36)

Kate is a total inspiration! After years of up and down dieting I finally feel like I’ve found a healthy relationship with food and am making lasting changes. Kate has kept me inspired for nearly two years. I love that when I go to see her every appointment is tailored to what I need, whether that be recipe ideas, help to make good choices at restaurants, how to cope with holiday eating, or a kick up the backside, every time Kate provides what is needed. I also love the fact that Kate is about helping you make changes that are realistic and that fit with your lifestyle. Cannot recommend this lady highly enough!

I first came across Kate and Eat Right Feel Amazing 3 years ago when I stumbled across the Facebook page. This gave me access to some of her delicious recipes and I ultimately purchased all her eBooks. I had been looking for ways to ‘eat clean’ and so many recipes put me off with their complexity and highly expensive ingredients. In Kate’s eBooks I finally found recipes for delicious meals and snacks that didn’t take forever to make and didn’t send me into my overdraft!

I lost weight initially, but then I started to plateau. This was years before Kate started her Personal Nutrition Advice Programme, she very kindly offered to look at my food diary and helped me make significant changes. I felt great and managed to lose more weight before being bridesmaid for one of my best friends. It was fab!

After this, I lost my enthusiasm a bit. Roughly two years followed where my eating gradually got worse, my exercise regime faded to practically nothing, I felt rubbish and was constantly tired. I had pneumonia towards the end of last year and suffered from post viral fatigue, and was starting to feel like I would never totally feel myself again in terms of energy levels.

I stopped and thought ‘when was the last time I focused on eating well’. The answer was simple, when I was in touch with Kate. At this point Kate had set up her own business giving personal nutrition advice. I quickly got in touch and made an appointment. And boy am I glad I did!
It was great to finally meet Kate in person. She is so passionate about what she does, so determined to help people, but also very real!

I have a very busy social diary and Kate works with me to make plans for up and coming events that might be difficult, offer tips, helped me to consider nutrition in a new way and just helped build positivity.

With every weight loss I genuinely think she’s been more excited than me, and that’s saying something! She caters her appointments to suit the individual needs of her clients, and if that means surfing the Internet to look at restaurant menus to help you make wise choices when eating out, or talking you through the importance of balancing your macros, that’s what she’ll do. She has good advice to give on the exercise front as part of your plan as well.

Since seeing Kate, I have lost 3 stone in weight and have lost 10% of my body fat! Kate is just so positive and so genuinely excited to be part of your journey. For anyone who has become a bit stuck, or if you’ve never really managed to make the changes you’ve wanted to, go and see Kate! I feel so much better, so much healthier and the constant feeling of tiredness has gone. My life continues to be very busy and now I have the energy to embrace it. Thanks Kate for everything and I’m looking forward to the next stages of this journey with your support.


Karen T, 36 Kitchen Bootcamp and Personal Nutrition Combination Plan 11th December 2017