Martin (age 45)

When I started my fitness instruction business in May, I was warned from several sources that in going from participant to instructor, my own diet, fitness and nutrition would be impacted. They were right.

Moving from class to class, grabbing convenience food on the go was starting to take its toll. I had just referred a client to Kate late summer, via a Google search, and as we later introduced ourselves, I then sought Kate’s help for myself, for a nutritional steer.

Kate’s enthusiasm for her subject shines through, she also takes the time to find out as much as possible, what hours I keep, what affects my mood and so on. From there we formulate a plan.

A few simple adjustments to my diet, breakfast habits, water intake, introduction of fish and some fantastic , delicious recipes now banked, I’m back to taking the time I should to fuel myself correctly with the knowledge I’ve gained from Kate.

I have also experienced a notable, and ongoing change in body shape and body composition. I’d have considered myself a reasonable but not overly adventurous cook. But that was before homemade chilli chicken feta burgers, butternut squash fritters, oat pancakes, banana bars, chicken tikka & cauliflower rice and many more meals I’d either never thought or been put off of for being beyond me! Finally, Kate’s passion for real food is very prevalent. There’s no diet, no shakes, no tablets. Because there’s no need.

Put simply, Eat Right, Feel Amazing.
Thank you Kate.

Martin (age 45), Owner of All In Fitness Personal Nutrition Plan 14th December 2017