Shirley, (age 38)

I recently had Kate come and do a Kitchen Bootcamp in my home! Soo much fun! She gave me a list of ingredients to buy in and when she arrived we got stuck in to making all sorts of goodies. I consider myself a healthy eater but needed someone to come and give me some fresh ideas and show me how to put different meal options together rather than just the one pot stuff that I had gotten used to! Kate has so many ideas and easily adapted recipes to suite my taste and dietary requirements. I couldn’t believe how much food I learned to cook in such a short time and how easy it was to put the meals together, everything looked and tasted amazing and could all be frozen to make things easy when it came to dinner time in my busy household. Kate answered all my questions about nutrition and gave advise about what to eat and when if I was at the gym or out running. She really knows her stuff and makes cooking so much fun. I am definitely getting her back for more Bootcamp sessions.

Shirley, (age 38) Kitchen Bootcamp 7th December 2017