Week One Meal Plan

fruit yogurtIMG_3613IMG_3501IMG_9624IMG_9624IMG_9649oat branIMG_9680fish fingerscrumbleIMG_9653IMG_1324IMG_5376IMG_4082IMG_9607choc pudIMG_9700IMG_7983IMG_0886It is time to get started and organised for your healthy eating plan starting on Monday!

I am posting this now to give you time to get sorted and get all your shopping and cooking done. I have included five meals per day. These can be eaten in any order that you wish. You may wish to start your day with something savoury – eggs or ham cupcakes, or with the fruity crumble or yoghurt. You could double two meals up for a larger lunch, or save one for a night time snack. I understand that everyone eats differently and I want to leave it quite flexible.

All of the recipes can be found in my eBooks. I have indicated which eBook in the bracket beside each recipe. If the recipe is on the website, type it in to the search section on this page.

You can eat unlimited vegetables except peas, sweetcorn and potatoes. If you choose to roast your veg, drizzle a small amount of olive oil and season.

I have repeated a few of the meals to save you having to make many different dishes on your first week as you get to grips with it. The biggest piece of advice that I can give you is to cook more than you need and freeze it in little bags. It is amazing finding some marinated cooked chicken and some roast veg when you haven’t prepared your dinner. As the weeks go on, you will have a well-stocked freezer and it will become easier to eat a variety of foods every day.

This is a weight reducing eating plan. This is not a plan for life. Each day the meals make between 1300 – 1500 cals. Now, everyone requires a different amount of calories. As I have written a one plan fits all, you may need to adjust it to suit your needs. For example, if you have a physical job, or work out a lot, you may need to add more calories. I recommend adding these calories in protein as this will keep you full for longer – an extra egg, a small handful of nuts or an extra breast of chicken. Do not reach for toast or chocolate biscuits to make up your calories! On the flip side, if you feel it is too much food for your needs, reduce the portion sizes, do not skip a meal. I have worked hard to balance the nutrition across the day.

I have not included many sweet things this week as most people are sick of it after all the indulgence over the festive period! When you take refined sugar out of your diet and fill your body with other things you may find that you do not need it as much as you think. Think of it as weaning yourself off the sugar. Next week we can start to introduce more if you like. If you feel you really do need it, have a look in the Sweet Treats eBook, and swap it for one of the other snacks. The beauty of the treats in my eBook is that they contain  protein and fibre which will help fill you up. It is better to eat one of these treats than to succumb to an empty calorie snack!

If you need help with any part of the plan, please ask on my Facebook page. If you need help with adding or removing calories, if you have an allergy or if you don’t have time to prepare all the meals, I can help you. I would prefer if you could ask in the comments section in case other people have similar questions. It will save me time if I can answer once and everyone can see it. Writing this eating plan is trial and error for me. Any feedback good or bad is greatly appreciated. Good luck and get cooking!


When you are making the Tomato Soup, make the Aduki Bean Soup too.

Make enough humous for another day.

The Ham and Broccoli Cupcakes are best made using home-cooked ham. This should be done soon. These freeze really well. Very handy to have them in the freezer.

Yoghurt Fruit Berry Crunch  (Breakfast)
Cream of Tomato Soup (Soup)
Chinese Beef with Shiitake Mushrooms (Slow Cooker)
Chilli Green Beans or unlimited salad or vegetables
2 Ham & Broccoli Cupcakes (Breakfast)
1 boiled egg
Humous and Crudities (Dips and Tricks)


Make enough Green Chicken for the following day’s lunch.

Make Omelette Cupcakes for two days.

Make enough crumble topping for Sunday and some for the freezer.

3 Omelette Cupcakes (Breakfast)
Chunky Aduki Bean Soup (Soup)
Green Chicken (website – My Green Marinade)
Sweet Potato Chips
With Green Salad or Vegetables of choice.
Tropical Crumble (Sweet Treats)
Humous and Crudities (leftovers)


You can choose another topping for your pancake if you like.

Dress your salad with a dash of olive oil and vinegar of your choice.

The Mexican Pea Guacamole is best made and eaten within 24 hours. I would make this fresh tonight and save some for the following day.

Oat Bran Pancake (Breakfast)
½ Banana and 4 Walnuts
Green Chicken Salad (leftovers)
Dark green leaves
Roasted vegetables
Seeded Fish Fingers (Kids’ Favourites)
Mexican Pea Guacamole (Dips and Trick)
Roasted vegetables or salad
1 tbsp. Peanut Butter and Apple
3 Omelette Cupcakes (leftovers)


Make enough salmon for Friday’s lunch, or if you prefer you could have tuna.

Choose any fruit you like instead of the orange.

2 Ham and Broccoli Cupcakes (leftovers)
2 boiled eggs
Tomato Soup (leftovers)
1 orange
Sweet Chilli Salmon Lettuce Wraps (website)
Roasted vegetables
Romaine or Chinese Leaves
Mexican Pea Guacamole and Crudities (leftover)
Fruit salad and 15g of nuts


If you don’t fancy the carrot cake porridge, swap it for another oaty breakfast.

Marinate the chicken the night before for super tender chicken. Make extra and freeze it for next week to use n salads.

When you make the Sweet Potato Soup, roast the veg for the Sweet Potato Dip. This also freezes well and makes a great accompaniment to chicken. Make extra for next week!

Carrot Cake Porridge (Breakfast)
Salmon Salad (leftovers)
Dark green leaves
Roasted vegetables or your choice of eg
Chicken Fajitas (Takeaway Favourites)
25g mature cheddar
Hot salsa
30g Greek yogurt
Chinese leaf or Romaine lettuce
Sweet Potato and Coconut with Chilli Soup (Soups)
Apple and Plum Compote
75g Greek yoghurt


Obviously you can add any vegetable  you like to this omelette and a small portion of lean protein, cooked ham or chicken.

When making the Chicken Tikka, make extra for freezing… (there she goes on again about freezing food!)

Broccoli and Mushroom 3 egg Omelette
Aduki Bean Soup   (leftovers)
Chicken Korma    (Indian Banquet)
Garlic Green Beans
50g Brown Basmati Rice
Chocolate Pudding  (Sweet Treats)
Sweet Potato Dip with Crudities   (Dips and Tricks)


Roasted Garlic and Potato Scones (Breakfast)
2 scrambled eggs
Sweet Potato and Coconut with Chilli Soup
Pork and Pepper Ragu (Slow Cooker)
50g wholemeal spaghetti 20g finely grated cheddar
Plum and Apple Crumble (Sweet Treats)
1 tbsp. Peanut Butter and Apple